Lead Instrcutor/Owner

Mezzy Shredder

Mezzy began playing guitar at a young age and instantly fell in love with it. It became clear to him that his passion for the guitar would be the only career option for him as an adult. Mezzy attended one of the nations top community colleges majoring in Classical music which led him to a love for classical music and teaching others how to play music. Mezzy is well versed In many styles of music including, Classical, Hard Rock, Metal, R&B, and funk.

Second only to his passion for music is his passion for animals. He is a major animal lover and animal rescuer, rescuing animals and increasing their quality of life is part of his life purpose. Aside from music and animals Mezzy spends his free time enjoying his Z28 and Trans Am, which he has spent countless hours restoring and customizing.

Mezzy prides himself on teaching guitar in a fun and easy way so that students can learn quickly and enjoy themselves while learning. He has spent many years perfecting his lessons so that the maximum amount of knowledge can be gained in the least amount of time. Give him one of hour of your time and you will not be disappointed!